Bar treasure map?

Heather’s husband has this nifty thing he does.  he researches bars, beers and routes for specific and rare draft beers.  he then makes what he calls a “treasure map” and its a very organized printed out google map, of where to go.   sometimes it’s a bar we have been to, but sometimes Nathan leads us in a new and interesting direction.  after a few beers at home, we headed to Bier Kraft, Bar Great Harry, and some other place in Cobble Hill.  the map had a few other places pointed out, but we were tired, hungry and already a bit intoxicated so we just came back and grubbed instead.

[ remember cat’s cradle? ]

[ Bier Kraft not only has a constantly rotating draft list and an enormous selection of bottled beers, they also have an amazing sandwich menu. they are a bit pricey at $10 each, but can easily feed two and also come with a bag of chips. my favorite is their roast beef, but everything is delicious. the staff is incredibly helpful and very educated on everything the store carries. they also offer growlers which makes me very, very happy. ]

[ the bar had a bottle of Sam Adams Millennium, unopened. this beer is 21% ABV and is priced at $60.00 for an OUNCE. Heather had just gotten a promotion at her job, so Nathan decided to order an ounce. it was quite the ordeal, the bartender was shocked and people at the bar were watching as he uncorked this autographed/numbered bottle. its consistency is not one of beer, but closer to a cognac. it was very strong. we all got to taste, er.. touch our lips to it =P ]

[ i love the reflectors here ]

[ love birds ]

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