Broke as a joke.

finding a respectable job here hasn’t been as easy as i thought it might be.  i really hadn’t realized that food service jobs here are actually careers, and every restaurant i’ve applied to wants nothing to do with me since i don’t have 3+ years of nyc experience.  that being said, money is tight.  we moved here with a semi comfortable cushion of savings, but that went fast. rent is due soon, and the groundbreaking heat records are not fun.  we researched the cheapest way to eat and drink and were lead to Gowanus Yacht Club.  don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a yacht club! it’s more of a clubhouse with beer, snack food and hipsters.  we found two seats amongst the mismatched picnic tables and ordered nachos and a hot dog each.  they also have a deal where you get two canned beers for $5, but they are just in a bucket and you get what you get.  the nachos were just chips with cheese wiz and some jalapenos, and the hot dogs were your basic bbq hot dog.  after we finished eating and a few rounds of Black Label and Strohs, a summer down pour rolled in and our check was thrown in our direction as we chugged our beers.  we left as the bartender was pulling a tarp over the register (this establishment is seasonal and completely outdoors)  we were drenched within seconds and it really just felt so good to forget about money for a second and just laugh in the rain.  once we got home we took Stinky for a little walk and then changed into dry clothes and everything felt so much better.  thanks, Gowanus Yacht Club.

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