the past four nights we have fallen asleep in the living room. fans on full blast, going through the seasons of The Office (netflix for wii has saved me.) the stillness of our apartment makes it impossible to actually “go” to bed.  last night (err, this morning) i believe i fell asleep around 12:40 a.m.  woke up again near 3:30 and moved us to bed.  i couldn’t get back to sleep.  this is rare for me.  i actually pride myself on being able to sleep in almost any and every situation.  well, i laid there.  wasn’t happening.  i actually felt like i was trying to keep my eyes closed… this is new for me.   i gave up, came to the living room and put on Harry Potter.  i trolled craigslist and facebook and checked on my tax refund check.  thankfully it was mailed yesterday so I should receive it soon.   huge sigh of relief.  but, I still can’t sleep.  Stinky and i are laid out on the couch, watching the sunrise over Prospect Park.   These birds are singing such loud songs it looks like I may never get back to sleep. oh no.

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