Isn’t moving such a drag?

even though this day has come and gone, i still get anxiety looking at pictures from the big move. since our lease began june 1st and we obviously couldn’t get into the apartment sooner, we decided to spend the entire first day cleaning the apartment top to bottom. my mom was generous enough to come and help us clean and hot damn!, did our three man cleaning crew rock it! we were at it for about 8 hours straight and every (literally) nook and cranny of the apartment was bleached, murphied, scrubbed, wiped, polished, what have you.

we came back the following day with a packed to the brim uhaul and some of joe’s strongest friends to move everything else up those three, narrow, windy staircases. unfortunately some things didn’t make it (couch and hutch). it was really upsetting, the couch was actually stuck in the stairwell for a good thirty minutes until the boys had to basically tear it apart to dislodge it. joe’s granny gave us the piece and we felt so terrible that it was now a totally wrecked sidewalk decoration. the hutch belonged to my great grandmother and she had it since she was married. it’s a piece of furniture i got for my first apartment…my mom asked if I’d like to have it and I was flabbergasted. not only did my nana grow up fetching her dishes from this hutch, but so did my mom. then, it was my turn. i had the hutch in my apartments for a while but it sadly made its way into my dad’s basement because I was moving around too much. brooklyn seemed like the perfect re-debut! but when it didn’t make it around the final turn in the staircase, i stopped the guys immediately. i didn’t want it pushed at all. i am sad it’s not here in our apartment but I am very happy that it made it back down the stairs unharmed (lets all give the couch sad glances).

after everything made it safely into the apartment, we ordered two big pizzas and popped open a few cans of budweiser.  once everyone had left, it was just Joe and I, and all of our stuff.  in all of the potato chip boxes we collected from working at a restaurant, in black garage bags, stacked and squished. it was actually a nightmare. all i cared about was setting up the bed and falling asleep. which I did. i also managed to set up the dvd player and tv so we could watch friends. which by the way is not only one of my favorite shows ever but oh so new york, haha. before laying down for crash time, joe brought in a funnies section wrapped present for me. it was a book i had been eyeing up for a long time, Great White: The Majesty of Sharks. he said it was a coffee table book to add to my collection, for our coffee table. that book is amazing, the pictures are unreal and I have a complete fearful fascination with great whites. they just amaze me.

[ we had to take a classic “just got our keys!” picture | pile’o’boxes .. | scrubbing bubbles up from the floor to ceiling | wizzing up those stairs! the second landing behind joe is the turn the hutch didn’t make ]

[ empty living room before we left on day 1, ready to be moved in | my mom and i rocked the kitchen. you can’t tell from here, but it was pretty dirty to begin with and now it’s sparkling! | standing in front of our building before heading back to jersey | bill taking a break on the destroyed couch. that poor thing (couch, not bill) | buds, phones, tools, tv, etc ]

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