Miss Liz

one of my dearest friends is Liz.  we met online back when internet friends were still taboo (1999, AOL, my friends).  our friendship is strong as stone and we live halfway across the country from each other, liz in missouri and me here in new york.  liz comes to visit me two times a year and we have somuchfun!  this summer she will be stationed in new hope, pa.  working for world service corps and lending her brilliance and huge heart to a local church summer camp.  it’s almost hard for me to know she is so close but we aren’t hanging out together.. so when i heard the camp was making an impromptu trip to the statue of liberty you better bet I rushed to get there asap.  i legit dropped all plans and got right on a train.  we ran basically in slow-mo to each other and hopped on a ferry to see lady lib.  i met her camp friends and we all headed to ellis island.  liz pulled some strings and instead of touring all the well, touristy spots of nyc she was able to come back to brooklyn and see my apartment and also have dinner with us! i am so glad this little visit was made possible.  she tried to pull a few more strings and see if she could stay the night.  just picture us, feeling like we are little girls again asking our moms if we can sleep over because we were having so much fun and didn’t want it to stop!  it wasn’t possible for her to stay since she was obligated to the camp.. but we were so happy the visit happened at all. i love me some Liz time.

[ how delicious does this beer look? | we decided on eating at corner burger.  they have an amazing menu which has never failed me… the two times we have been! ha ha. but this time, i decided on the “texas burger” which has pepper jack cheese and a fried egg on top. it was obviously one of the best choices and we of course had a side order of their fried pickles ]

[ liz, texting for her desperate approval to stay | she bought us a bottle of absolut brooklyn as a housewarming gift. this vodka is delicious. its an apple and ginger flavor | off topic, but I had to share this bowl of cherries | here we are, reunited on the ferry! ]

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