Painting the Kitchen

as i prep my kitchen for painting and put on my playlist to get pumped up, i hear the little chime of adium connecting me to aim! feeling shocked, i ran over to the computer and sure enough we have picked up a floating free connection! it’s drifting in and out, but i am pretty happy right now. these are the two walls that are about to get a makeover… and then some progress pictures.

well, it’s purple. i like it. it sort of reminds me of a princess’ bedroom and not a kitchen, but it’s all good. we like purple, a lot. after painting we took stinky for a long walk through the park where he attempted to bite off about six different dogs heads and eat four different small children. it was fun. joe also scored a nice food network cutting board and two lamps from storage! now, time for beers and maybe a board game. joe doesn’t know about the board game yet. oh yeah, we def just put the vinyl of prince’s “purple rain” on in celebration of the kitchen.

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