Really quick –

joe and i just took a run in prospect park. he has done this many times since we have moved here and i just laugh at his silly face coming to and fro, dripping in sweat. well, my pants don’t fit. i feel lazy. i want to feel better about myself. so, we went for a run together today. the distance around the park is 3.2 miles. I DID IT! be proud, my babies. because ashley running, is a rare thing. i had joe leave me to do his own thing ten minutes into it, because i could tell he wanted to take off like the wind. but i kept my pride, and finished. i can’t lie, i almost drank out of a dirty puddle, killed a girl with rollerblades and went medieval on some biker’s hiney to get some wheels under my haggard ass. but, i did it. i must ask this, does the couple who exercise together, stay together? should we get matching outfits? and synchronize our playlists? i need to look into this. back at the muff right now, getting internet at home on wednesday! also, never order a smoothie at connecticut muffin. it’s nasty.

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