The Stinky Story

Sometimes I feel like I talk about my dog too much.  As if I am a crazy Chihuahua lady.  I suppose I sort of am… but just crazy for one specific Chihuahua, my man Stinky.  Still, I figured I’d quickly touch on the reasons why I love my dog as much as I do.  He has been my best friend since 2005, we’ve been through everything together.  In a little over 7 years, we have moved every single year together, travelled all around the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York area.  Stinky has lived such an exciting, fast paced life with me- and he has been such a champ.  He is sort of a legend, every time I see someone I haven’t talked to in a while they say “How are you, How is Stinky?!”   Sometimes Stink gets a bad rap because he has the typical Chihuahua issues.  Very insecure, territorial, and will bite you if you upset him.  Little kids always want to touch him, I always have to say “oh no, I’m sorry! he is a grumpy doggie” but then he just barks at them more, like a maniac.  I am terrified of him getting loose and biting someone who tries to help him.  To me, he is the sweetest.  He cuddles with me and sleeps with his head next to mine on the pillow.  I cradle him like a baby and he snorts and gives me kisses.  He loves to be under the covers and behind my legs or under my butt.  He is a little lump.  Joe calls him a loaf of bread.   I am crazy about this dog, he is a little monster, but he is mine all mine.

I made a myspace account for him years ago. Check out the comments, they are so sweet!  I once even had a birthday party in just his honor and about 25 of his friends showed up.  I took him to meet Hanson when he was a brand new puppy.   He has walked with Pat Burrell’s (Phillies, Tampa Bay Ray’s) english bulldogs.  Mark Wahlberg has waved to Stink.  He has gotten more kisses from the ladies then most men I know.  He sings along with you, and howls.  If he is really excited he will just totally lose it and scream and wail and bark and hop around, it’s really adorable. Sometimes he makes sounds like a dolphin, or a bird.  He loves cheese and dreaming.  His best friend is Mandy’s dog, Bailey.  His girlfriend is Joe’s Granny’s dog, Abbie.  He loves long walks on the beach, light taps on his bulbous skull and burrowing into warm necks.  He also has the cutest teeny tiny crooked bottom teeth.  Okay, I’m done. I think.

Also, I found this compilation of nicknames I had for Stinky back in 2005.  Am I officially insane?

-nuh-nuh, nimbles, mumbles, minka, the stank, beautiful, the most beautiful, the most beautiful little man ever, the most beautiful little nuh nuh in existence, stinka minka, stinka minka moo moo, adorable, adorable little puppy man, the most adorable, baby boy, my beauitful pup, the baby, the most beautiful baby, nee-nee, little monster, nuh-nuh muh-muh cha-cha, my most beautiful little man in the whole wide world, heater man, the most beautiful and heated little heater man evA!, choochoo moomoo, puppy man, the best puppy man in the whole wide world, teddy boy, CUTEST!, cutest man, cutest man in the whole wide world.

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