Today didn’t start off too great.

This morning wasn’t exactly the most promising one for Me. But, it got sunnier. This is how:

  1. Everything bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese and tomato
  2. Cuddle sessions with Stinky after work
  3. Hour and half phone conversation with Marmie
  4. Basket of daisies delivered to the apartment for me, from Joey
  5. Salvageable General Tso in fridge for lunch
  6. Finally thought to hook up Wii on bedroom TV to watch Netflix! (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
  7. Found out The XX is playing a free show in Central Park on Sunday
  8. Cut down on caffeine (day by day.. it’s getting better!)

It’s still not so bright and I promised myself to not get into the things that made it gloomy. But, I am staying positive! (pats myself on back)


  • I finally decided to turn my favorite black jeans into a pair of cut-off shorts. they are too short and fit weird now. After cutting, I tried on. Found $10 in the back pocket. I think we will have a Brooklyn date tonight.


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