A Week Ago

A week ago I decided to start this blog.  I figured it would be a fun way to document our move for family and friends, and also an excuse to organize and get the ball rollin.  That was a week ago.  I couldn’t find the time to even make a username until today. I can’t really seem to find time to do anything.  Last week was my first day back at work after twelve days of traveling around Costa Rica.  It was a rough first day, especially when I walked in and found out I wasn’t on a normal lunch shift, but really a closing lunch.  This means I stay 2-3 hours longer then I would normally, but it was ok; I made some cash.  Cash is something I really need since I spent way too much of it on our trip.  My first week back was successful – after 42 hours on my feet I made a little less then what I would realistically need for my portion of a month’s rent in New York.  It was reassuring because currently I am working in a beach town during winter season, so hopefully it will be better waitressing in New York. Today is my first day off since that day back, and my next day off is a week from Thursday.  Lots of work.. big things ahead! – Ashley

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