I can’t believe I haven’t been here in so long.
I neglected this space, for a bunch of reasons you may or may not want to hear.
I just can’t believe it has been a full year. This is probably the longest I have gone, well, ever, since updating a blog.
I am here now to say I am going to try to be back.
I am working on a few different creative projects, and for some reason for these past few past years a personal blog just felt too personal. I just felt exposed and detached.
I have been going on twitter again, and am finding myself reading blogs again. Feels good, at least I think it does. What feels better though is being present in my life, and resting when I am tired, and cooking working cleaning and making.

Redundancy in I I I I I I but I I I I I I put so many obstacles in the way for too long, that I lost sense of who I I I I I I was. I am still working on it, and trying to funnel all my anxieties and doubts into creativity. AYYYYYE yi yi . … 🙂

I haven’t had an iPhone since May and you guys its BANANAS how much differently I had to learn to be PHYSICALLY as well as emotionally without that thing. They haven’t really been in our lives that long, we are the last generation to know functioning adulthood WITHOUT one, unless it is a choice that people make in the future, or a society that rises up without digital assistance.

I got burned though, you guys. Like really. Burned by people, burnt out by the process, and my brain fried from all the radioactive waves. Do you believe in that? I do. I know Shannon from RHOC does too.

Oh my gossssh I was creeping my own twit recently (okay that sounds really dirty lol) — anyway I clicked on the ‘Media’ tab and there is SO MUCH GOOD SHIT ON THERE, like my Vines!! I miss Vine and I do miss having a smart phone, dammit, that just made me think of it.

OH but there is this interesting revisit of a habit when I first started using the internet (hello 1998). Without having a cell phone I find myself often CHECKING OUT and CHECKING IN. It’s like I sign on and get to see everything that is there, and otherwise it’s just not an option. We have disconnected ‘devices’ that I can still use as a camera, and to use Instagram(when there is wifi), but I haven’t been on any other ‘app’ in so long.

If only there was an app/website where you could put up away messages. That would be stellar. Who wants to do it with me??

I literally just opened an article that holds this statistic, “Social media usage in the US has grown by from 7% to 65% in the last 10 years.’

Whaaat the.

Oh another thing about just now logging into WP, I miss writing code! I mean it’s very basic what I can do, and it’s all trial and error, but the classics, like BOLD, ITALICS, INSERT LINK, INSERT PHOTO, UNDERLINE .. that is my fucking jam, yo.

YO, I hear something kind of scary outside. Why so many weird noises? How do people live in pitch black areas, are they constantly scared of any and every noise? Oh it is probably the cat let me go look.

No it was the neighbor they showed up.. it’s gotten so cold here these past few days. I have to get all my winter stuff down. Haven’t been up to the beach in weeks. Why aren’t there free INDOOR PLAYGROUNDS, NJ?

Anyway, I gtg write, because I am writing so much more lately and it feels good.

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