LOVE – being tucked in.

No one likes a lonely bed, right? I sure don’t. And, Well- I have no problem admitting here, on the internet, that yes- I am a total baby when it comes to being put to bed. I am 26 years old, and I still get that warm, fuzzy, lovey feeling when someone pulls the sheet up close to my face and kisses my forehead before I enter dream world.  As a little girl, my parents and I had several Tuck in rituals (I’ll spare you, but they are darn cute)  I always felt so special in my girly sheets and canopy bed, they always left my butterfly lamp on for me and I knew they would come back later to turn it off and make sure I was okay.  I always felt so lucky when they were both home to wish me a goodnight. At sleepovers, I had a hard time getting comfortable without a kiss and tuck.  That being said, I’ve never had a problem falling asleep and staying asleep (through mostly anything) BUT, I like to be sent on my way with well wishes.

Somehow, I lucked out with this man that I love- Joe.  He insists on tucking me in! I am a pig in mud over this because its just perfect.  No matter where we are, or who is around; when it’s time for Ashley to hit the hay, Joe is in tow;  ready to tuck.  We have been together two years now, and although I believe a relationship will always need effort and work- I also believe my lover boy doesn’t need to work any harder on knowing how his gal likes to sleep. He’s got it covered! (pun intended)

So, tell me girls, do you think you have your love’s sleeping routine down pat? Is there anything special that you do for your sleepy head to make sure they rest the way they need to? If not, work on it! I think they will be uber-excited and also maybe pay extra special attention to your pillows and blankies.  Sleep is very important, and feeling good before you go to bed makes your time-off worthwhile.

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