Mr. Pink

I had my second encounter with Steve Buscemi since I’ve been here in Brooklyn. This time though we went beyond mere door holding & polite smile, I waited on him! It was pretty cool and when I went to help the next person in line and saw him standing there I was so happy it was me who got to help him. He ordered a double small cappuccino, a black coffee and we had a small talk about muffins and whether or not he wanted a carrying tray. Not the most exciting chit chat but apparently he is a regular at the cafe so maybe one day I can tell him how big of a fan I am. No one recognized him. I’ve been thinking about what my favorite role of his is, Reservoir Dogs, Fargo, Pulp Fiction, Ghost World, or his parts in Coffee & Cigarettes and Paris J’Taime? and OMG so excited for the new HBO series.

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