Joe and I leave for our honeymoon in two days. We still have lots to take care of and some people to see, but then we will be off to paradise enjoying each other and talking about the exciting future together. It will be glorious and warm and tropical and just thinking about being there makes my heart beat a little faster. I keep fantasizing about stepping off the plane. We haven’t really had a vacation together in 3 years. Additionally, we’ve never had a vacation together where we stay in one place. It’s also been ad adventure of hopping from place to place, seeing this and seeing that. This will be so different and relaxing for the two of us to stay put and relax. I am off to make lists of what to do and what to bring and do laundry and make some lentil soup. Biggest decision is what books to bring. Should knitting come along? Did I mention it’s basically a beach day down here today? This painting makes me relax —

John William Godward – A Congenial Task, 1915.

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