Where did all the bloggers go?

I am going through my bloglovin dashboard, trying to organzine absolute chaos. When I used to work for a living *ha!* I had to follow all sorts of different blogs to know what was going on in the word. The design world, the mama world, the wannabe fashion blogger world, the tech world, on and on and freakin’ on. I had them all under my personal dashboard (realizing now this was kind of a mistake) and as I kept finding new blogs I was obsessed with I kept adding new categories that go something like “Favorites” which then became “Absolute Faves” which then morphed into “Absolute absolute” — you get the idea. So now I am trying to get back into reading blogs but they are all kind of gone, or super zined out.

When I say zined out I mean personal bloggers turned corporations or society bloggers (with others voices portrayed on their blogs more-so than their own). It’s kind of weird and making me sad. I am reading farewell after farewell from ladies who I read for years on end. Clearly, I left them as well. But I never knew they stopped. A lot of them have moved on solely to Instagram, or have gone ahead and started an Etsy or a Big Cartel.

I mean I’m just as guilty, but now being back, as Ashley Faye, with my own sentimentally weird demented voice. I am totally feeling myself.
I am thinking I might have to find a new circle of blog friends, and this is exciting, but also kind of sad, like I said, because the internet is so different now that I just don’t think the relationships formed will be as genuine. But whatever, maybe I’ll be like I am in real life, and make no new friends.

me, circa 2000, “ashleyfaye” zine days.

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