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Monday, Monday

Joe and I recently went record shopping. We got a very generous and unique wedding gift, a large amount of gift card cash to a local music shoppe. We have gone twice, both times just getting whatever we wanted, and we still have money left over for a third visit. This past time, we got some vinyl (and then our record player decided to stop working with our receiver but haven’t been able to listen to them, fail), and also some used CDs. One of them was The Mamas & The Papas, and since listening to it I have had “Monday, Monday” stuck in my head on and off. Today also happens to be Monday, which is why I thought that little bit of info was necessary.. and to possibly get the song stuck in your head too!

I am hanging on my bed, watching Season 5 of Girls on Joe’s laptop, and writing this blog on mine. I let Stinky(dog) up on the bed too, even though Joe and I decided to not let him up on the bed anymore. Oops. I napped earlier and I didn’t let him up on the bed, and I was even thinking how much I’d love to have him up here with me and how strong I was being by keeping him locked in his box while I took a nap. Then I woke up from my nap (which to be fair I only lapsed into passed outness for about 5 minutes while watching “Pitch Perfect 2”, which kept waking me up since they bust into song every 5 minutes) — anyway, then I got up and I got some water and came back to bed to write this here blog, and he started crying, so I went and got him, and he is in all his precious glory up on the bed. Hopefully I didn’t just re-open the gates of hell letting him up here, because we have had two quasi peaceful nights with him sleeping through in his box (which never used to happen as he cried through the night to be in bed with me). To fill you in, he has been with my dad for two months as we weren’t getting sleep and he was being out of control with neediness so we needed to reset the situation (plus my dad loves him and he loves my dad) … but now, he is back in the bed and I might have just ruined everything we all worked so hard for.

I have been feeling extra tired and sick feeling today. I had awful back pains all night, I think from over compensating the curve in my lower back to hold up my belly and boobs. I showered this morning and shortly after had super numbness on my belly, which makes me think baby is doing a lot of growing today. Just the stretching numbness paired with the crappy tired feeling. I was going to go to yoga but decided against it and now I feel like I just watched this day pass.. but I know that is okay.

We are going to the in-laws tonight to watch the new Nora Ephron documentary on HBO. It’s funny because we have gone there for a few basketball games, the Super Bowl, and now I request to go there to watch a Nora Ephron documentary. He he he. I am really excited. Joe said his dad is making fajitas, so I am also really excited about that.

Back to the teaching old animals new tricks, we have been letting Pippen(cat) outside for the past year, and he has become a pain in the ass! He loves to be outside all night but also likes to come in when he wants to, and will cry and claw at the window and if he is not getting his ways, knocks things over, jumps on my night stand, hits the blinds, or scratches the furniture, or our favorite, goes over to Stinky’s box and wakes him up.

I really do love my baby animals, and I think they have prepared me for all the craziness that lays ahead with baby. Joe will be home from work soon, so I think I am going to lay back down and cuddle under the covers with my pup. xxoo Ash

PS- Joe just texted me about how he is “Gonna drop all those clothes off finally” and it just put me into an extreme sense of panic because we filled about 10 black garbage bags of clothes to donate but I have a seriously hard time getting rid of things.. like.. clothes, and now they are really going and I was not prepared but it is happening and I can’t stop it. Pray for me.

PPS- Jessa and Adam?? O.O




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