July 14, 2009

This picture was taken a year ago yesterday. The night before I headed to Heather’s house and we watched Harry Potter and banged out tons of favors for her wedding (salt water taffy wrapped in twine- adorb.) We woke up bright and early and headed into Hoboken, then took the Path into NYC. We shopped at Free People and got lunch at Whole Foods and then headed to Chelsea Market to visit Joe and see a taping of Iron Chef America. Heather teenied the entire time because let’s admit it, she has an unhealthy obsession with Alton Brown. Joe and I were still “new.” I still got nervous every time I saw him, butterflies, the whole schpeal. I thought he was adorable with his little head set on, his jeans and black tee and the converse. Oh, Joe! Four hours later we were able to leave the Iron Chef set and Heather and I decided we really needed to see Harry Potter at midnight. All day we were convincing ourselves that we didn’t need to see it at midnight. That we could wait like adults to see it at a reasonable time. Nope. We needed to see it. We got lattes at Ninth Street Espresso and sat ourselves at a table while Heather called her little brother at home to have him google movie theaters that might not be sold out yet. We finally found one in some random mall and immediately bought four tickets. Yep, Nathan and Joe were being dragged along. Heath and I took a walk on the high line and waited for Joe to get off work. Once he did we all headed back to Hoboken, got in the car and met up with Nathan at a Fridays near the movie theatre. That’s where this picture was taken. We can’t remember what story Joe was telling that embarrassed me this much.. I guess it’s better that way. I just love this picture of us. For Christmas Joe framed it for me and it’s proudly displayed on our mantle right now. Basically, what I am trying to get at is that I never would have thought that in a year we would be where we are now. If you were to tell me that day that in a year we would be living together here in New York City I would have told you to get outta here! I wonder where we will be next year this time.

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