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Naturally Dyed Eggs

I am obviously a little late to any Easter related post. But, in my defense, we eat hard boiled eggs year round in these parts, so I excuse myself. Every year when I dye my eggs, I think … this is so easy, why don’t I dye them all the time? Just for fun? I’ve always thought it would be a cute way to get children to eat those protein packed snacks .. got a little girl who loves all things pink? Make her special pink eggs. You can make something really good for you(or them), really fun, really easily. Just a thought. Onto the project ~

I did some naturally dyed eggs with what I had in my kitchen already. So, we’re talking red cabbage and turmeric, which gave me blue and yellow eggs. We had already hard boiled a dozen white and a dozen brown eggs, so I experimented a bit to see how the color would turn, using six of each.

With the brown eggs, the cabbage ones turned a little too gray (not happening next year) and the turmeric turned them a darker version of the brown eggs they started out to be (but with a little orange tint, again, not happening next year) — You can expand your palette with beets (for pink) and spinach (green) and onion skins (purple). Needless to say, next time I plan on using all white eggs.

It’s so easy, too. Follow my instructions, please, because if you look it up you will find about 10 more steps that I really don’t think are necessary. Unless you like to make more dishes and complicate things, which I do not! Have fun .. and enjoy that egg salad! 😉

What to do:

1) put dye source into saucepan with cold water
(I chopped some cabbage* and used about 4 tbs of turmeric)
2) bring to a boil, lower, simmer for 15-20 minutes
3) use slotted spoon to remove any vegetables
4) let mixture and eggs both sit to reach room temperature (20 minutes)
5) mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar for every cup of water
6) submerse your eggs in your mixture
7) cover, put pots in fridge, let sit anywhere from 2 hours to overnight**
8) remove eggs gently with tongs, place back into egg crate, let dry completely
9) enjoy!

* I used a quarter of a head of cabbage (and cooked the rest for dinner!)
** mine sat overnight, for time reasons, which also gave me deeper colors

PS- in previous years I wrapped string around the eggs before dying to create a fun striped effect. Next time, I might rotate the eggs in the mixture half way through dying to avoid the spots on the egg where you can tell they were resting on the bottom of the pot.

PPS- with all this vinegar (between the actual hard boiling process and then the dying), these eggs peeled like a dream!


Rotten grapes

About, say, two weeks ago, I bought grapes. We stopped real quick at a Shop Rite (that Joe hates going to but I like), and got some healthy food for me to eat over the weekend when Joe was going away for work. I have always loved grapes, one of my favorite snacks. As a grown up I feel like the prices of grapes just keep getting higher and higher (which makes me sad), so I don’t buy then very often. When I see them on sale, it’s a big deal.

So I saw these grapes, and I wanted them so bad. I picked my favorite bunch, bagged them, and on we went. I snacked on the grapes throughout our shopping trip (I’ve always done this, have you?), and even introduced Joe to the sport. Oh, I forgot, they were $4.99/lb, so I even weighed them before I put them in my shopping cart. I thought to myself, okay, these are going to be expensive, but maybe I can eat half a pound before we leave the store and pay less (poor person rationing).

So I ate about 10 grapes, I had Joe eat some too, I even stopped our cart leaving the frozen food aisle and mumbled under my breath, “eat some grapes so we don’t have to pay as much” – wow, I am actually admitting to my dirty ways. I was (and still am) clearly obsessing over these grapes. I’ll add too, that when at the deli counter, we got organic turkey breast for me, but Joe ordered, and I quote, “a half pound of the cheapest bologna you got.” ..SO there’s that ($1.40).

Somehow our quick little “essentials” shopping trip turned into a $70 bill, which bummed me out. I had just spent $60 I didn’t have at Barnes & Noble on some Christmas gifts, so I was feeling a little boo hoo. On the way out, I grabbed the receipt and looked for the price of the grapes, we spent a little over $8.. $8.23 to be exact. Damn, well, let it be worth it, right? They were big, plump, explode in your mouth, seedless grapes.

So to the moral of my story, these grapes sat in our crisper drawer over the weekend Joe was away. They sat there the the next week too, and one day Joe says to me “you know you have these grapes in here” — I said “oh yeah, I know.” — Why was I saving the grapes? Why wasn’t I eating the grapes? Why do I do this with produce that is going to rot? I save it? Like an idiot, until it’s no longer edible. I do this shit all the time. It is almost too special for me to eat, and then I end up losing the whole game.

So after Christmas I said to Joe, while at the fridge, “hey, can you wash those grapes?” — I was worried it might be game over, but feeling kind of hopeful (since they weren’t organic) that some kind of chemical something might have kept them edible. He washed them, brought them over to me, and needless to say, they were sad and pathetic. Nothing like the shining must have grapes I met two weeks ago, and paid $8.00 for.

So here is the moral of my story, in this bright and shiny New Year of 2016, I won’t take my fresh produce for granted. I won’t save things that are good for me for another time, when I might need or deserve it more, RIGHT NOW. I will eat those fresh grapes when I want them, when they are fresh and delicious. I will carpe diem the mother fucking shit out of those grapes, because I DESERVE IT. It’s so sad to see something that was once so beautiful so shriveled up and rotten. SAD SAD SAD.

Currently, they are sitting on our kitchen table, decaying. Joe set up a little spread yesterday when we were watching LOTR, he included the bowl of grapes. I ate around it, oh did I, chips, pretzels, cookies.. I literally took my finger to a bowl of dip and licked it clean. I didn’t touch the grapes. They were over. Poor little things, screaming at me, “how could you??” — they could have made it into a boxed lunch, or be served with a plate of cheese, or frozen and dropped into a cup of white wine for a Christmas Eve celebration. I failed us all. It makes me sad for the grapes, but mostly sad for me.


Well, it’s December 1st. That happened quickly. This year that is. What a freaking year it has been. I am sitting here on my couch, not really sure what I came here to write about. It’s as if there is so much going on I don’t know how to process any of it. Today itself flew by, actually. I woke up this morning with Joe, we slept in a little because of the rain. We had some coffee and then drove to his parents house so he could borrow his mom’s car for the week. His parents are in Disney with his sister’s family, and since we only have one car it would make such a difference to have another set of wheels. What usually happens is I am stranded here all day feeling helpless. Our business is only down the road but there isn’t anything going on there during the week, there is just something about having a car in the driveway/an out to escape the island if you want to. I might have touched on that part before, but yes, we live on an actual island that just gets lonelier and lonelier as the winter rolls in.

Tonight I am meeting my mom at a yoga class. It’s technically a meditation class, but either way, it will be nice. We have been doing yoga 1-2 times a week for the past month and it is bringing us closer and definitely helping both of our mental states.

I just ate an entire sleeve of oreos. Zero regrets.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did. The actual day was spent at Joe’s parents, my mom came the night before and slept over which was nice. Last year on Thanksgiving my nana passed away, so this year was an emotional time. This entire week is still extremely emotional. To think that a year ago I was writing her obituary and processing what had happened, her service was on December 4, I really can’t wait for that day to come and go at this point. I am feeling more at peace without her in my physical life. It is sad but she was sick and it was her time.. I just wish I had more time with her. The last year of her life I don’t feel like I was present enough. Although I was there for her as much as I could, I think it really just comes down to what I was doing with my jobs, and how much it wasn’t worth it. She was proud, and I don’t really believe she held it against me but looking back I just hate that I often put my job and the person I was working for in front of who really mattered. Especially since that person didn’t appreciate my work most of the time.

Anyway. I cooked another Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday. The whole thing, turkey, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, cole slaw, cranberry sauce… it was really good and we are still enjoying the leftovers. I started to take pictures for this here blog but as always, I got too busy and caught up in the cooking to carry on with taking pictures. Oh, I also did a pumpkin pie. From a can, but still. I really do love pumpkin pie but this year it just didn’t taste right to me, this one and the one on the actual holiday.

Okay, I am going to sign off.

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