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I am in the midst of a project that involves sorting through folders upon folders of neglected photos and videos on my computer and hard drive. I’d like to eventually put them all into chronological albums / share them with my peoples.
Enjoy the evidence in what I’ll call.. Photo Essays!

[ posing beside the Route 35 make over | dusty dayzes w etta |
bamber lake, pine barrens nj ]

[ beach houses | gulls, up high ]

[ cooking tofu and cabbage | pip on a cat blanket i knitted | champagne fireplace ]

[ stinky first giving a warning look, next comes the snarl ]

[ frisbee ]

[ liz on the beach ]

[ a dinner with friends, and their sphinx kitten ]

[ winter beach scenes ]

[the fam ]

[ first visitor on a sunny morning after a big snow ]

[ valentines dinner, 2015 ]

happy sights ~

this handsome man, because i really love him now more than ever.

this ‘before’ picture of our new bedroom, because it no longer looks like this.. the uneven paint job drove me nuts for way too long.

this klondike bar (in bed) because it was paired with the most recent episode of real housewives of beverly hills.

this creepy ass picture i totally forgot i put in joe’s closet .. ha ha ha.

this dead serious most handsome mister cat.

this pineapple and pepper pizza (which joe normally vetoes) with chicken fingers and bleu cheese, because #pregnant.

this photographic evidence of a treat yo-self shopping spree, because i deserve it.

these lemons because i needed something sour.

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